To contribute to The History Room, please first familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions.  We welcome all academic and scholarly submissions from amateur and professional historians, and the site’s mission is to provide students and enthusiasts with an entertaining, informative and useful collection of historical material.  Please read the categories below.

NUGGETS:  Nuggets are little histories which typically range from 250 words to 500 words.  These may consider the historical origins of a particular term, an artefact, an unusual aspect of an event etc. 

NEW HISTORY:  This category contains events tracking back in time from the present day to 1900.  The dividing line between current affairs and history is a fluid one, and many eminent historians have attempted to define it more rigorously, as you can see here.    In practical terms, however, ‘history’ can only be written when the maximum volume of sources are available for study.

OLD HISTORY:  This category will contain events ranging from 1900 back to the Fall of Rome in the 5th-century AD.

ANCIENT HISTORY:  Basically, everything else!

REVIEWS:  The Reviews category will contain critical reviews of historical books, films, live events, museums, documentaries etc.

VETERANS:  The Veterans collection is a special category that aims to keep alive the memories of military men and women who have served their countries in time of conflict.  It is not intended to promote any nationalist or political agendas, but merely to commemorate the deeds of those who might otherwise be forgotten.


Please note before you click that The History Room receives a large volume of correspondence.  It is not always possible to reply to all emails, and site space is limited.  If you wish to contact the site regarding a contribution, please discuss your idea before creating work that may not be published for whatever reasons.